Lead products

We have decades of experience in the processing of lead.
Our production programme in this area is therefore wide-ranging.

We can supply you with sheet lead and cut-to-size sheets in various widths and thicknesses for radiation shielding and sound insulation, such as in hospitals and x-ray practices or in acoustic construction, as well as in roof and façade construction and also for apparatus construction.

Our special lead profiles in different dimensions are characterised by their special section, which enables simple and fast installation. Amongst other sectors they are suitable for apparatus construction or radiation shielding and sound insulation.

Our lead pipes (smooth or profiled) can also easily be used in apparatus construction.

You can also request lead weights in a wide variety of different dimensions. They are used inter alia as counterweights for forklifts or passenger lifts, or also as keel ballast in shipbuilding.

Sheet lead
for radiation shielding, sound insulation, roofing, façades and apparatus construction

Lead profiles
specifically for simple and fast installation

Lead pipes
smooth or profiled, for apparatus construction, amongst other uses

Lead weights
for passenger lifts or forklifts, for example